The famous Pacha nightclub is known worldwide for night lovers. It´s known for everyone the two famous red cherries. Pacha currently has its presence in 11 countries. But did you know that its origin is in Sitges? Its owner Ricardo Urgell began with Sitges lovers to celebrate nights such us the mytic flowe power.

Its history is reminiscent of 1967 in the town of Vallpineda, a five-minute drive from the town of Sitges. It is one of the reasons why Sitges attracted many tourists both national and international. Over time, Sitges would become one of the most sought after paradises among the inhabitants of Barcelona as well as many citizens of the world.

Sitges has obtained with its day and night a unique place for those lovers of the sea, nature, peace or night. It offers multiple activities for all types of audiences. Over time, Pachá Sitges opened again in 2016 and many people has enjoyed in Villa Alicia Sitges and his night.