Time of Christmas is coming and it´s a good idea if you spend your holidays in Villa Alicia Sitges. The town is decorated with the most beautiful lights and typical ornaments in this time of the year.

Walking those days in front of the beach it´s beautiful and there is many activities to do. Also the climate and the sea it´s offers you a sence of relax. There are many people who stay at this time of the year in Villa Alicia Sitges.

The town offers a festival during this time of the year where artisans offer their unique pieces in an organized tent next to the principal church. There you can find everything from Christmas decorations such us handmade pieces. Admission is free and people come from all places to enjoy this experience. In addition, much of the money raised is destined for solidarity purposes.

From Villa Alicia Sitges we want to send you a happy holidays and a happy new year 2020.